At “traditional” auto shows, car manufacturers take center stage to display their regular line-up and a concept or two with tuning and equipment companies more often than not, playing second fiddle.
Geneva, Tokyo, Detroit and Frankfurt are all nice and dandy for unveiling the latest production-intent models and outlandish concepts, but Las Vegas and its Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show is a different “beast” altogether.
At SEMA, there is something for everyone; from subcompacts, pickup trucks and pony cars to lavishly made hot-rods, the latest bunch of supercars and anything and everything in between.
The 2012 show was a real bonanza of thousands of modified vehicles and tuning products for anything you could possibly think of – and then some more. Since the event is not open to the public (the reason being, presumably, that it would have to last a couple of months or so…), images will have to suffice.

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