For the time being, Alfa Romeo may be tangled in the ever-changing puzzle that is the Fiat-Chrysler group product plan, but there's certainly something about the brand that ignites automotive stylists’ inspiration.
With the Alfa Romeo Giulia 50GT Concept, Rome-based Italian designers Michele Di Mauro and Claudio Piccioli who run the GetShaped Studio have re-imagined the Giulia Sprint GT penned by Bertone.
Apart from bringing the classic Alfa coupe into the 21st century, the two designers wanted to celebrate the studio’s centenary as well as the model’s 50th anniversary (hence the “50” in the name).
The two studies, a GT-oriented and a sportier, more aggressive version (the red and the grey-colored examples respectively) remain faithful to the overall concept of the original Giulia, retaining its large circular headlamps and oversized Alfa “shield” at the front, as well as the hood air vent.

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