It was not too long ago that G-Power introduced its first take on the BMW 1 M Coupé with a 429hp (435PS) performance tune. Now, the famed BMW tuning brand is taking it a few steps further with its new G1 V8 HURRICANE RS model.

While the G-Power 1 M Coupé made use of the original model's 3.0-liter turbocharged straight six, the G1 HURRICANE RS borrows the 4.0-liter V8 engine from the M3 E92 Coupe.

In fact, G-Power installed the entire powertrain from the M3 including the DCT double-clutch transmission gearbox and stainless steel exhaust system, and while it was at it, also made use of the M3's front and rear axles!

Being the power-hungry company that it is, the Germany tuner wasn't satisfied with the stock engine's 414hp (420PS) so it bolted on a customized ASA supercharger system along with several other goods such as an aluminium cast air box that boost output to 591hp (600PS) and peak torque to 580Nm (428 lb-ft).

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