The final production version of Honda's retro-styled N-ONE mini was officially unveiled today in the brand's home market of Japan, where it will go on sale on November 2, 2012.
Prices in Japan start at 1,150,000 Yen ($14,400 / €11,100) for the base 2WD, Type G model and rise to 1,707,750 Yen ($21,300 / €16,500) for 4WD, Premium edition.
The N-ONE belongs to Honda's new N Series mini-vehicle family and follows the N BOX and the N BOX + tall city vans that were both launched in the country earlier this year.
As many of you may recall, it is the production version of the N Concept_4 displayed at last year's Tokyo Motor Show with its styling directly inspired by the motif of the N360, the first mass-produced Honda mini passenger car that was introduced to the market in 1967.

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