If you have not noticed, Lexus doesn't have a coupe model for the masses. The LFA is a technical tour-de-force, but it comes with a ridiculous price tag and a production run of only 500 units, making it essentially a halo car that displays the brand’s capabilities. The only other two-door model is the IS CC, which is a hardtop convertible.

Now this space will be filled with the production version of the LF-CC concept that premiered at the Paris Auto Show.

Building on the very positive reaction that the LF-LC received at January’s Detroit Motor Show, the LF-CC is a more down-to-earth, almost production-ready model, that will inspire a coupe version of the next IS series to compete against the BMW 3/4 Series Coupe.

The front-engined, rear-wheel drive concept also features a hybrid powertrain, which according to the company, will eventually power other models, too.

It consists of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder with direct injection that operates on the more efficient Atkinson cycle, a compact electric motor, a generator, a battery, a power split device and a central control unit that manages the internal combustion engine-electric motor-battery operation modes.

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